• Next Evolution in Training and Role-Play Simulations

    Co-Valuate™ is a cooperative evaluation app that combines mobile technology and a web-based response training system to create a fun and engaging training experience.

  • Energize Your Training Experience

    Co-Valuate™ engages and energizes your learners by displaying results onto a leaderboard in real-time, motivating them with the challenge to be the best performers in class!

  • Instant Feedback for Remediation

    Through Co-Valuate’s™ instant email feature, evaluators can immediately send detailed results and comments to participants directly from the app.

  • Access Reports and Metrics

    Results of each evaluation are captured to enable reporting metrics. Our Co-Valuate™ team can partner with you to provide specific views and reports.

Introducing Co-Valuate™

Co-Valuate™ is a training app used for cooperative evaluation and feedback during live role-playing simulations. Developed by webLearning, it combines mobile technology with a web-based response system to “gamify” the training experience, creating a fun and exciting learning environment.

By using Co-Valuate™ in your next training session, you will tap into the competitive nature of your learners and, as a result, your training will be more engaging, motivating…and effective!

Features & Benefits

  • Customize Content

  • Create unique evaluation criteria and scenarios that fit your role-play simulation needs. You can easily tailor content to align with your specific situation.

  • Energize Training

  • Learners evaluate each other’s performance as their real-time results are projected onto the training session leaderboard; creating a game-like, competitive learning environment.

  • Instant Feedback

  • Each evaluator can instantly email detailed results and comments directly from the Co-Valuate™ app to the participant being evaluated... accelerating remediation.

  • Capture Results

  • Instantly capture results enabling facilitators to dynamically adapt their focus and instruction based on competency gaps identified during evaluation.

  • Access Reports

  • Reports by student, by class or in the aggregate can be accessed online. Our Co-Valuate™ team can partner with you to provide specific views, reports, and monitoring of metrics.

  • Compatible Platforms

  • Co-Valuate™ is currently available on the iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and web browsers for increased accessibility of Co-Valuate™... regardless of device used.


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